Dear Parent/Guardian and Student Rider: The students on the bus are under the immediate supervision of the bus driver and are thus subject to the rules set by the School Board and the State. Any infraction of these rules by a student is to be documented on a Bus Conduct Report concerning the disciplinary infraction with copies distributed to the principal, the parents, and kept on record by the transportation department. The safety of the bus passenger is the most important part of school bus transportation. Efficient and effective use of school buses is another important factor of the school transportation system. In order to provide safety to passengers and effective use of buses, the following rules are established to regulate conduct of school bus passengers: -Stand in an orderly single file line at pick-up points until the bus comes to a complete halt. -Enter the bus in an orderly fashion and go directly to your assigned seat. -All passengers must be seated while the bus is in motion. -At your stop, remain in your seat until the bus has fully stopped. Then enter the aisle and go directly to the front exit door. -Loud talking, use of profanity, fighting, throwing things, smoking, damaging the bus or bus seats, standing, eating or drinking, are examples of activities that draw attention of the bus driver from his/her main task of safe operation of the bus. Such actions, or any other distracting action by the riders, create a safety hazard by demanding unnecessary attention of the driver and are forms of misconduct. Misconduct at the bus stops is also considered a violation and shall be cause for disciplinary action. When a rider is guilty of misconduct on the bus or at the bus stop, it will be reported to the principal of his/her school. Parents will be held responsible for any bus damage that may result from the student’s misconduct. Misconduct may be cause to deny the privilege of transportation to the student. The following procedures will be taken by the school administration. Misconduct citations will be issued as follows: 1st Offense: Student given an oral warning. (Bus Driver) 2nd Offense/1st Citation: Student/Parent given a written warning. (Bus driver, School Administration & Parents) 3rd Offense/2nd Citation: Student/Parent given a written warning. Student denied bus privilege for 3 days. A parent conference is required (before student can return to the bus.) 4th Offense/3rd Citation: Student given a written warning. Bus privileges denied for 10 days. A parent conference is required (before student can return to bus.) 5th Offense/4th Citation: Transportation privilege denied for the remainder of the school year. (School Administration and school board.) Offenses such as smoking, drugs, weapons, damaging the bus, or harming another student will be handled as 3rd citation level on the 1st offense. Violation of the law will be reported to the Sheriff’s Office for investigation and prosecution. Parents are to contact the school to schedule an appointment with the administration and the bus driver. The student will also attend. Parents are always encouraged to schedule an appointment anytime they have a concern.